Adult Mental Health
We offer full-service, outpatient treatment programs for adults of any age who are facing depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Our experienced, compassionate caregivers help patients find the treatment options that will work best for their unique situation.

HIP Program

Health Integration Program takes a whole-person approach to health by coordinating between physical and behavioral health care providers. This program serves adults with a serious mental illness and a co-existing physical health condition through care coordination, health and nutrition education, and providing a physical health clinic in the behavioral health center.

Family Recovery Partnership

A grant involving EHD and DCFS that provides individual and group counseling for DCFS clients that are at risk of or have lost their children due to substance use disorders issues.

Care Coordination

Provides coordinated services – both mental health and substance abuse at Christopher Rural Health

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring by agency psychiatrist.

Case Management

We workwith our consumers to provide case management — budgeting, money management/payee services. We help to provide linkage following discharge from both state operated facilities and hospitals.

Individual Placement and Support

CS is a program designed to assist adults with mental illness who are at risk for psychiatric hospitalization. Counselors are available to provide educational classes about mental illness, and help
individuals represent themselves within their communit

Mental Health Groups

Different types of mental health groups are offered at EHD, such as: Parenting Classes; Anger Control Group, Trauma and Recovery; and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Outpatient Mental Health

Services include individual counseling, family counseling, and group services. Referrals are taken through self-referrals, social service agencies, DCFS, law enforcement, probation, etc. There are no age restrictions for counseling. All clients go through an intake process and are administered by a Comprehensive Mental Health  Assessment.

Substance Use Disorder Program

Offers DUI Evaluation/Risk Education, counseling, Substance Abuse Level I and II treatment intervention and Mental Illness and Substance Abuse (MISA) treatment for youth and adults.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

An evidence-based practice that provides group intervention for adults with mental illness by developing an individualized plan utilizing personal resources.

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