Environmental Health Programs

The mission of the Egyptian Health Department Environmental Health Programs is to prevent the occurrence of infectious disease within Gallatin, Saline, and White counties by performing comprehensive food protection, private sewage, potable water, solid waste and vector control programs. All programs are conducted in accordance with local and county ordinances and state statutes.

The Food Service Program performs activities to identify, reduce and whenever possible, eliminate factors which may cause food-borne illness. This is achieved by permitting and performing routine inspections of all permanent, mobile and temporary food service establishments within the three counties.

Water Program collects and submits private and semi-private water samples to the Illinois Department of Public Health Laboratory for both bacterial and chemical analysis. All new water well contracting permits are obtained from EHD at the Eldorado Office.

Sewage Program/Solid Waste Management

Any new or renovated system must be installed by a licensed contractor or the homeowner and permitted through EHD. The agency must receive an application for permit and a construction plan from the contractor/homeowner.

Vector Control surveys and controls mosquitoes, with the potential of being disease carriers. Investigations of “trouble spots” are made and eliminated when possible. If total elimination is not obtainable, the area is surveyed and larvacide is used on a regular basis

Solid Waste Management is responsible for ensuring the proper storage, handling and disposing of solid waste to eliminate vectors, nuisances and the transmission of disease organisms.

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