Egyptian Health Department Sewage Program

EHD Sewage Program is performed in accordance with each county’s private sewage ordinance “to prevent the transmission of disease organisms, environmental contamination and nuisances resulting from improper handling, storage, transportation and disposal from private sewage disposal system,” (Local Health Protection Grant). Any new or renovated system must be installed by a licensed contractor or the homeowner and permitted through EHD. The agency must receive an application for permit and a construction plan from the contractor/homeowner. Once reviewed and approved, a permit is issued and an inspection of the system is conducted during and after construction.

Private Sewage Ordinance


Egyptian Health Department Solid Waste Program

Solid Waste Management is responsible for ensuring the proper storage, handling and disposing of solid waste to eliminate vectors, nuisances and the transmission of disease organisms. EHD personnel interface with units of State and Local governments to promote, participate and coordinate the development of solid waste management and long-range planning. This program is performed in accordance with city, county and state solid waste acts and codes.

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